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The Substitute

A little something extra (often available for free on Amazon).

A quick read (roughly 20 minutes). A short story with a dark, supernatural element at its heart.

Brief Synopsis 
Professor Truman is a substitute teacher. Follow the events of a normal day in her life... and discover why there's absolutely nothing normal -- in any sense of the word -- about her life.

The Substitute is the first of the "Heroes and Villains: Character Shorts" from author P. Craig.


This short story is not suitable for children or adults with a weak or sensitive disposition -- The Substitute contains graphic descriptions and scenes of horror, and some readers may find certain other aspects of the story to be of a disturbing nature.


The Substitute is written in British English. While this is generally very similar to, for example, American English, there are a number of differences in spelling, grammar and punctuation, which may at first glance appear incorrect to a non British reader.

Story Length: 6,000 words (approximately 20 paperback pages)

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