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Angels Without Wings: Year One

Out now

My fantasy adventure series Angels Without Wings is available on Amazon (for Kindle).  Year One out now.

A Little Blurb

In the City of High Clouds, peace and light have reigned for over a thousand years. Few remember the last of the great wars between the forces of good and evil, the armies of the angels and the demons. The city and those ordinary celestial beings who live there have never had life so good. 

But nothing lasts forever, and a darkness, an evil, a something unwanted, is coming. And the one who will see it first, the one who may be able to save the kingdom, has only just set out on the path to fulfilling his destiny. A path that firstly leads through Trinity Hall, the academy for angels. 

Angels Without Wings: Year One is comprised of three parts.

Angels Without Wings: Year Two is planned for release in early 2018.

A Little Sample (right from the beginning)

It is a little known fact that there is a cloud floating high above the earth that has been doing so since the dawn of creation.

Now, clouds may come and clouds may go, but this ancient cloud does neither—it simply holds its place in the sky while the world underneath slowly rotates on its axis, plunging continent after continent into intermittent but regular bouts of light and darkness.

Yet this cloud, this one constant overlooking the ever-changing face of the planet below, knows nothing of darkness; the sun shines upon this cloud for every hour of every day, and this will continue to happen until the day the star at the centre of our solar system finally runs out of batteries and fades into nothing but a ball of dark rock.

This cloud has other peculiar qualities too.  Oddly, despite its great vaults of water, it has never shed so much as a single drop of rain onto the ground below—a small but welcome relief to the inhabitants of Mawsynram in India, the wettest place in the history of the world, and perennial contender (and five times a winner) for the most miserable in the entire universe.

This water retention is actually a good thing, because if this cloud were to empty its vast reservoirs, rest assured the world below would well and truly know about it.  For it is a cloud that spans six-hundred square miles, nearly the size of Greater London, and it is almost ten miles in thickness.  To put it simply, if this cloud were to rain, it would do so for a thousand years straight.

The sheer size of this incredible cloud has also provoked amazement in many a pilot happening to fly a plane in its vicinity.  It is not a cloud that tempts anyone to try to fly through it.  Rumours have abounded since man first took flight that there was a cloud somewhere in the sky from which no plane would exit should it have happened to enter.  The Bermuda Triangle has nothing on this cloud when it comes to invoking fear.

Yet if some human—some crazy maverick pilot, perhaps—were ever to make an ill-advised attempt to climb high enough into the sky to view the top of the cloud, they would, in all honesty, see nothing—absolutely nothing.  For no human can ever see what is truly there.  And even if they could, it is extremely doubtful they would believe their eyes.  For it is a cloud unlike any other in existence anywhere in the cosmos.

Safely hidden from prying human eyes, this cloud is home to millions of angels and other celestial beings who watch over the world below.  This is the place they know as the City of High Clouds.  This is the gateway to the domain of the Almighty One himself.

It is, perhaps, a pity that no human can see the city for themselves—it is a sight that so inspires and catches the imagination that all earthly pursuits and petty human squabbles would instantly evaporate from that person’s mind.  Or, as many celestial scholars have speculated, would probably make that mind explode in shock at the sheer awesomeness of it all.  Indeed, the term ‘mind-blowing’ may very well have been coined for such a sight.  Celestial scientists have often proposed testing this theory on some unsuspecting human, but as yet, thankfully, funding has always been declined.

Still, in many ways, it is a city not unlike many dotted around the planet below.  There are streets; there are offices; there are homes; there are thousands of people milling about doing what they consider to be normal everyday things; there are hundreds standing in queues outside the job centre; there are hundreds sneaking away from their wives to spend a few hours in the pub; there are millions waking up each day and then going to sleep again at night; and there are a few, maybe a dozen, who make the decisions that affect every single last one of them in one way or another.  Social and political problems are not just indigenous to the human race.  But, by in large, the City of High Clouds has a happy population; with the sun forever bathing them in glorious light, it is difficult to dwell for too long on trivial matters.

Now, even though the sun has never once taken its gaze away from the city’s gleaming spires, it is not a city that has always enjoyed happiness.  The city has seen many a dark time—and that darkness had nothing to do with a lack of sunlight.  Evil has frequently waged war and attempted to take control of the city, to gain access to the Almighty One’s realm.  But evil, thankfully, has always been repelled, thrown back into the abyss of the darkest place in the cosmos—somewhere down in the bowels of Earth, as it happens—to lick its wounds.

The city has seen many thousands of good years of light and happiness since the last of these great wars—but something dark and nameless is now beginning to creep silently and largely unnoticed back onto the cloudscape.  It has not been noticed by those guarding the Almighty One’s realm—those bastions of the peace, watchers over all they survey, and knowers of everything.  It is something that even the Almighty One himself has not seen.  Something, perhaps, He cannot see.

Something dark is coming, and the one who will see it first has only now set out on the path to fulfilling his destiny.

Something dark is coming.

Something evil is coming.

Something is coming.

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